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Listed below are articles, magazine clippings, book extracts featuring Rachel Hazell / Hazell Designs Books. Some are in PDF format and some are links, but all open in a new browser window.

Coast - April/May 2007

These driftwood notebooks, £15 each, are handmade by book artist Rachel Hazell...

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Challenging Working Practise

The Cutting Edge

This specially commissioned piece was inspired by the rugged edge of Shetland's coastline.

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Ice Queen

Selvedge Issue 15

"When Rachel Hazell first saw the sweeping whiteness of Antarctica she could not believe how paper-like it was..."

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Ice and a Slice

The Herald

Wide White Page exhibition reviewed. "New work in paper is as dazzling as snow" reveals Sara Urwin Jones.

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The Gallery - A daily image from the Art Festival

The Scotsman

"Book artist Rachel Hazell casts an eye over part of her exhibition, Wide White Page on at the Scottish Poetry Library, off the Canongate, Edinburgh."

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Scissor Paper Stone

An installation commissioned for a group show at The City Art Centre, Edinburgh.

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